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Cabstar Logo Is an advanced rotor balancing and machine analysis system which has been developed after many years of working with manufacturers and users of rotating machinery. Calstar is highly scalable and can be supplied as a small portable system for field work up to a high channel count static system which can be used in large rotor balancing facilities.

Cabstar Logo Is a comprehensive rotor surface runout measurement system. Mechanical and electrical runout can be measured using a compact and easy to use system configuration. Orbistar also contains a flexible reporting function which can be configured to your company format.

Cabstar Logo is a calibration system designed to work with rotor balancing facilities. The system is designed to enable you to calibrate vibration transducers against a tracable reference (back to back method) by using an electrodynamic shaker as an exiter. A local multi-channel data aquisition system compares the transducer under test against the reference at selected frequencies. When calibrating transducers in balancing facilities equiped with Elstars Quasar data aquisition module, it is possible to make a network connection between the systems. This enables CALSTAR to compare the locally measured vibration transducer with the measurement taken by Quasar thus establishing any line loss between transducer and the control room data aquisition input. The line loss can then be compensated in Quasar. Elstar can provide a full calibration service including pedestal stiffness measurements. A full report and tracable certification is provided and if Quasar is utillised the transducer database and predifined channel setups can be updated with the measured sensitivities. CALSTAR will work with a wide range of transducers including Eddy probes.

• SERVICES We can supply a range of calibration services extending from simple accelerometer/eddy probe calibration in house to on site complete measurement chain calibration traceable to industry recognised standards. We also offer bearing pedestal stiffness measurement services for most bearing pedestals used for balancing.

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Corvus, the multi process dynamic signal analyser
• Modular systems from 4 to 4096 channels
• FFT, time signal (oscilloscope), recorder, machinery condition monitoring
• Various functions
• Up to 64 different measurement processes simultaneously, synchronously captured (for instants order analysis, static temperature and constant frequency spectrum of 500Hz)

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Custom built systems from ELSTAR AG

We can support you with practically all dynamic and static measurements on machines.
Our specific experience is in Vibration Testing, Vibration Monitoring, Rotating Machinery Balancing, Analysis and Quality Control in Vibration Test. Processing and Integration of data into existing systems.

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CADA-NT Rotating Machinery Balancing

Absolute bearing vibration Relative shaft vibration Absolute vibration pressure Power, generator winding and temperature.

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IMPALA control and data acquisition software
• Time and FFT analysis
• 32 Bit timer/counter for precise table height control
• 1,25 MS/s (sum sample rate), 12 Bit A/D converter
• Integrated power source for accelerometers (ICP)
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